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How do different media types affect EPCs?

It is important to remember that different traffic types will almost always have varying EPC ranges. For instance, email EPCs for a good campaign will typically be right around the $1 range, depending on the offer. The email is being sent to an email address who has expressed interest in receiving email from the publisher, but they have not specifically asked for every product that hits their inbox. Therefore, it is normal for an EPC to be lower than a search publisher would see. A Search publisher will see a higher EPC because they have paid to target users who have a specific interest in the product they are promoting. The end user has a definite interest in the product and has sought out the product. Each traffic type will react differently, some will get tons of clicks and a smaller EPC, while others will click less but earn a higher EPC. Our AM's are available 24/7 to let you know how an offer is performing for your specific traffic type.

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