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Other Platforms Instructions for Tracking

If you are an advertiser using other platforms, we have included some instructions below to help you get Clickbooth’s Postbacks/Pixels placed and tracking! 

We suggest using both HTML and Postback tracking given they provide you with the functionality of cookie-based tracking and server-to-server tracking. 

Step 1 - The Initial Click

Make sure Clickbooth passes you our unique ClickID via your tracking URL. To do this, we will need to add our {clickid} token in your link, somewhere that your system can receive this data. For example, your Tracking URL in Clickbooth's UI could look like this:….&subid={clickid}

You need to make sure to use to proper variable name that your platform supports. Some platforms use subid1, subid2, ... or s1, s2, ... Check with your platform provider if you are unsure what you can use.

Step 2 - The Conversion

When a conversion is achieved, you will need to configure your platform to send a Server to Server call to notify Clickbooth that the conversion has happened. In order for this to occur, you will need to pass the ClickID data via Postback (that you collected on the initial click via Step 1) back to Clickbooth.

Example Postback URL:

Example iFrame pixel:

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

Clickbooth Placeholder





Offer ID as provided by Clickbooth


*Only for Postback URL

Mandatory *postback only

Clickbooth Click ID that you have recorded on the initial visit


*For both Pixel and Postback


ActionID, TransactionID or any other ID that you generate on your side and want to pass it to Clickbooth, for easier tracking down the road.

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