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SubID & Optimization Setup


The SubID is a variable that accepts an indefinite number of characters. Clickbooth sends this to you through a variable(which you create) through the unique tracking URL (a unique link that allows you to track traffic back to Clickbooth’s account in your system) that you supply to us. This allows you to track traffic separately for each of our individual publishers to better optimize your offer.


 Process of Linkcodes:

This is very important as it will help you track leads separately for each publisher so you can increase your traffic.

Additional Source Variables   
Along with the affiliate ID, our publishers also have the ability to pass back additional information to you, such as subaffiliate IDs or SourceIDs. We will need to know where/how in the link we can append your additional variable(s), so we can pass back the affiliate’s extra info. This is another way to help optimize your offer.


Test Instructions
Once the pixel has been placed and we have the unique link, our Media Team will send you a link to a Test Page, which includes a Test Link. On this page, you’ll have the  ability to clear the session’s cookies and turn on “test mode”. Once you’ve run through a test, as the user would, you can click back on the Test Page and view the results to see if it was a successful test.

It is very important that our Media Team is able to test as frequently as needed (to make sure there are not tracking or loading
issues); and if the pixel fires after a purchase for your offer, it is optimal to have a test card provided to us.



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