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Advertiser Quick Start Guide

Clickbooth Performance Exchange is a single-stop solution for performance-based online customer acquisition. Clickbooth enables advertisers to eliminate guesswork associated with traditional advertising mediums and pay for measurable results. Navigating your way to online CPA success requires several components. The Clickbooth Advertiser Quick Start Guide serves as your reference for building a successful online offer.

All Campaigns:

  1. Unique Tracking URL  
  2. SubID & Optimization Setup  
  3. Variable to remove Exit Chat (if applicable) 
  4. Pixels
  5. Pre-Pop
  6. Advertiser Logins


  1. HTML Creative(s) 
  2. Hybrid Creative(s) 
  3. Text Backup(s) 
  4. 'From/Subject' Lines 
  5. Suppression List
  6. Unsub Link (for html and text creatives)
  7. Unsub Address (for html and text creatives)

Media Buy:

  1. Banners
  2. Product Information


  1. Mobile Compatibility  


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